Monday Morning Quarterbacking

My wi-fi has been down since Thursday.  So I got to take a little internet fast for the past several days.  Praise God it's back up and running now.  I would seriously rather be without TV than internet!
  • Thanksgiving was great!  It was nice to have a house full of friends and food.  But the wi-fi went down and ruined the whole day!  ;-)
  • Friday I spent several hours on the phone with 3 different unhelpful tech support people from AT&T.  Two of them spent 30 minutes each on the phone with me before "accidentally" hanging up on me.  The third one I couldn't understand and had to ask her to repeat herself slowly 2-3 times every time she said anything.  They finally decided to send a guy to the house today.  He was quite helpful and a really nice guy.
  • Sunday's worship gathering was great.  The greatest thing was seeing a new soul come to Jesus!  That will never get old.  My sermon was about Jesus' repeated claims that he came from the Father.  I struggled all week on how to approach these texts, then it finally dawned on me that this was, plain and simple, about the love of God.  The extreme measures he took to bridge the gap between us and Him is unfathomable!
  • Great LifeGroup sunday night.  We looked at the synagogue and rabbinic traditions of the Jews in the time of Jesus.  I love learning more about that stuff, it always reveals new layers of truth that we don't immediately get because of our Western thinking.
  • I'm looking forward to next Sunday's sermon.  We'll be looking at how Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but the sword and to turn us against our families and such.  Can't wait!

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