E Coli in Dixon

We're having an e coli scare in Dixon right now. A 16 year old boy was killed by it yesterday. This boy was a close friends of several of our Living Hope teens. As of this point it's unclear where the boy came in contact with the e coli. A couple of our youth workers and I spent the better part of the day the other day crying and praying with our teens. They're taking this pretty hard. I believe this is the 3rd Dixon High death in one semester. Please pray for Dixon's teens.

Here's a link to a KCRA news video about the story. Living Hope teen, Breighton Alesna-Gladisch, is interviewed in it.

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Dorthy said...

Sounds similar to the bit at Country Cottage restaurant in Locust Grove. They never found anything there that was positively what caused it. The water well had a strain of ecoli in it, but not a deadly situation they said. Think the restaurant finally reopened, but there has been nothing exclusively found to cause it to this day. Hope they find the problem in Dixon.