Made Out Like a Bandit

I had a great Christmas. I got some pretty great gifts.

From Jamie - Logos Bible Software for Mac. This is so awesome! The software is incredible and will save me hours of time in sermon/teaching prep. I got the Scholar's Library which has several hundred volumes of bibles, commentaries, language helps, and a variety of other types of book. Lovin' it!

From Mollie - Mollie made me a great picture frame. She glued the wood together and painted it and put a great picture of the two of us in it. Very cool!

From Isaiah - iTunes gift card. I used it to buy the Jon Foreman Spring and Summer albums and a great live album by Ray LaMontagne. Great tunes!

From Isla - Borders gift card. Can't wait to pick out a couple of new books!

I had fun giving gifts, too. We got Jamie an overnight stay at a bed & breakfast in Auburn, CA, high tea at a tea parlor, and a massage. She's looking forward to it. Mollie got a new digital camera (pink). Isaiah got Guitar Hero. And Isla got some great toys, too (Elmo toy, doctor kit, YoGabbaGabba toy, and more).

Love the gifts part of Christmas! I think there has been a lot of unnecessary guilt piled on Christians about the materialism of Christmas. It can be a little insane, I know. But some heart-felt gift giving (and getting) in moderation is a beautiful part of Christmas. We give each other gifts as a reminder of, and celebration of, the beautiful gift that God gave us.  So Christ-followers, don't let a bunch of negative bah-humbug Christians make you feel guilty about your Christmas giving/receiving...just don't get stupid with it! Remember those less fortunate and the work of Christ in your Christmas spending, too.

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas.

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Jeff, welcome to the world of Logos. If you have any questions, you can find me on Twitter @Logos.