Monday Morning Quarterbacking

This weekend was all about our kids Christmas program. And they did a wonderful job. They performed "The Fear Not Factor" (special thanks to Linda Vannoy at Bay Hills Church for loaning us the program - saved us a good amount of change). I was honestly blown away by the talented kids we have at Living Hope. We seriously have some great little singers. We've already started throwing the idea around of using them in regular worship services occasionally. Anyway it was wonderful. Big HUGS to my wife, Jamie, for directing the program. I'm so blessed to have her as a wife and partner in ministry!

Our attendance really spiked yesterday, too. Of course that's to be expected when the kids are doing their thing. When I was welcoming everyone, I joked that I was glad word had finally gotten out to the community of how great my preaching was - it got a good laugh.

From a leadership standpoint, I don't think many pastors realize how important those "big days" are. They're HUGE for building momentum and for the morale of the church. Doing special things for Easter, Christmas, Friend Day, community outreach events, etc... require A LOT of extra work, but it's totally worth it. Anytime you can give a clear gospel message to a larger-than-average crowd, it's worth the extra time and money!

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Leaving Breadcrumbs said...

If I am remembering right, we did that same program a few years ago. We really liked it, too. Aren't kids programs fun? And I'm sure with Jamie in charge, everything was just right in its place! We love and miss you guys!