Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Had a great but exhausting weekend.
  • Isla was sick all weekend. I tried really hard not to expose myself to the germs, but she's so darn cute. I did sleep on the couch for the last three nights though, because she always winds up in bed with us at some point. Not sick yet - hope it stays that way.
  • We packed up all the Christmas decorations on Saturday. The house looks a little empty now. It's amazing how normal a tree in the middle of your house becomes after a day or two.
  • Isaiah was invited by a friend to go to Truckee to play in the snow overnight.  He had a great time and couldn't wait to tell us all the details and how funny everybody thought he was. I'm really happy he had such a great time (and I didn't have to get cold).
  • I am loving playing with Isaiah's Guitar Hero video game. I've never been too much of a gamer, but I LOVE Guitar Hero. Friday night I was playing it until 3am. I've graduated past the "easy" setting and have settled in somewhat comfortably on the "medium" setting. I really rock out in our living room, too. I'm glad that no one has captured it on video yet.
  • Great service at Living Hope today. We had the Haugens lead worship "unplugged" and they did a great job! We spent the day reflecting on all God has done with and in LHC this past year and praising Him for it. God truly is good all the time!
  • I spent some time tonight preparing my sermon series for January. January is all about looking forward and vision casting. I feel God preparing to do incredible things with our church this year and I'm honored and humbled to be a part of it. Living Hopers, get ready! God is going to rock your face off in 2009!! (Sorry, the Guitar Hero is causing me to say crazy things.)

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