Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I enjoyed this weekend alot.
  • Friday we took the kids to tour the state capitol building in Sacramento.  Very cool.  We also had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Had an extremely overpriced sandwich but got to sit next to Buddy Holly's suit from his 1957 tour.
  • Friday night we got to watch the Dixon Rams football team play in round 2 of the playoffs.  Unfortunately they lost, but played a truly great game.  Earlier that day our church hosted the team for breakfast.  About 25 of the guys showed up and we had a great breakfast. About 65 guys total!
  • Saturday was pretty much about friends and football.  Met a bunch of friends at the Cliatt's house in Brentwood for a Melissa's birthday.  Also got to see OU slaughter Mizzou.  Boomer Sooner, baby!
  • We had a great service yesterday at LHC.  The worship team was incredible - really lead us to the Throne.  I preached about how Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but a sword, division, and fire.  Hard message to deliver and hear, but important.  I hope I have a church next week...
  • Great LifeGroup last night!  After, Jamie and I cashed in a gift certificate at Caffe Italia in Davis.  Tasty grub!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor, if you keep saying nice things about the worship team, I'll be back. (unless the kids have football) Joe

Jeff Myers said...

Joe - When we get to heaven, I'm going to shoot you! (inside joke)

Anonymous said...

Just don't punch me in the throat.