Unleash, Session 2

Alright, it's noon-thirty and I'm settled in and ready for the second main session of Unleash 2009. This morning was amazing! What an incredible start to my day!
  • I like Newspring's worship leader. He's a DUDE! (like our dude, Rob) I get tired of seeing male worship leaders with tight jeans, eyeliner, and hair like my wife's.
  • Good music! Perry just took the stage.
  • We can't forget why we do what we do -- his name is Jesus!
  • (There are currently 900 other online attendees.)
  • If you want your church to reach its maximum potential, you've got to have a leader or leadership that's on fire for Christ.
  • The last thing the church needs is men and women dropping out of ministry.
  • How to stay in the game:
  • 1) Who is with me?
  • Ex. 33:12 - Moses wants to know who's with him.
  • Usually the relationship between the sr. pastor and the staff is normally strained.
  • You can't expect people to buy into you until you buy into them.
  • Does your church know that you're "there"?
  • How do you get people to buy into a vision? Tell'em hell can't get me out of this church.
  • Staff members, you're pastor carries a weight on him that you can never imagine.
  • Everyone is depending on the pastor not to screw it up. ...to stay faithful, to not fall, etc...
  • Your pastor needs to know that you've got his back -- that you're standing with him.
  • 2) Am I pleasing you? (God)
  • (Man, Noble is funny!)
  • Ex. 33:13 - If you are pleased with me, teach me...
  • We can't expect the Spirit of God to lead us publicly if we're not yielded to him privately.
  • Pastors, if God told you today that you have one sermon left to preach, what would you preach? Preach everyone like it's your last.
  • Are you a prophet or a protitute?
  • Church work is when you please people; ministry is when you please God.
  • --Do I understand that ministry is received, not acheived?
  • --Am I placing limits on me that God hasn't placed on me?
  • God most often puts his most powerful gifts in his weakest vessels.
  • Don't you dare limit yourself, when the unlimited power of God lives inside of you!
  • 3) Can we see you?
  • When was the last time you were desperate for God to show up?
  • Do you want attendance or repentance?
  • It's not a bad thing when people leave your church.
  • People try to "close the back door" to the church. The church is a body. When you close a body's back door... (laughter)
  • 4) What's next?
  • We're still asking him what's next. Because we don't want to build a monument, we want to be a part of a movement.
  • There's nothing awesome about Newspring except the presence of God. You take him away -- we suck, and so do you.
Great talk! I'm so glad I got to hear this today. Thanks, Newspring!

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Mookie said...

I came to know Newspring through one of their pastors on Facebook who randomly found me (or was it so random?? God does work in mysterious ways!)

I think Perry is an awesome pastor, and really knows how to speak to the audience in a way that keeps the audience both interested and entertained, while getting the point across!

Glad you found them as well!