Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity

Scot McKnight recommended this little 102-page book on his blog so I decided to check it out. Enough is written by Adam Hamilton, a pastor in the Kansas City area. I really liked this book. It's a call to get back to simpler lifestyles, embrace a lifestyle of gratitude and giving, and live Biblically financially. This book is so good, I'm seriously considering making it available at church. It challenged me, convicted me, and made me desire to embrace these changes more fully.

One little gem that I'm going to try to memorize is Hamilton's Contentment Prayer:
Lord, help me to be grateful for
what I have, to remember that
I don't need most of what I want,
and that joy is found in simplicity
and generosity.

The book also includes 3 little key tags with the Contentment Prayer printed on it so you can keep it in front of you while shopping and such. Enough is worth checking out!

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