Big LHC News!

We made a big announcement in church today. Starting the weekend after Easter, we will be adding a Saturday night worship gathering. It will be fundamentally identical to the Sunday morning gathering, but might get a little different atmosphere.

This is a big step for our church. We knew we were needing to start an additional worship service and my first thought was to start a 2nd Sunday morning service because it was the move that would require the least amount of change and stretch us the least. As I began praying about this more, I started feeling God impress on me that maybe he didn't want us to choose the option that would stretch us the least. Maybe he wanted us to take the road that required the most faith. So Saturday night it is!

While this will be a big adjustment for our church and especially our volunteer staff, I believe that we'll look back on this decision as a catalyst for major transformation in our church. I can't wait to see what God has planned through all of this!

So starting Saturday, April 18 at 7pm, Living Hope Church in Dixon, CA will offer another worship option.  SWEET!


Chris Mercer said...

Good to meet you and yours through your prfile just getting the hang of this thing..:) blessya Chris

Dorthy said...

Awesome news.