Medical Tourism

Check out this fascinating story on CNN about how many people are starting to travel to India for major surgeries. They can do it for less than a tenth of the cost and cater to your every whim. This just shows how broke our health care system is!


Carol Brooks said...

A medical tourist in India can get the best of both worlds- excellent medical service from experts in the field of medicine and a splendid experience of an exotic holiday in India. India is high up there in the list of popular medical tourism destinations. It has become an obvious choice for patients who look at safe and cost-effective medical treatments. Visit here http://www.asiasmedicaltourism.com/

raulhudson said...

Yes, India is really a good choice for medical tourism. Indians show good hospitality and care towards the patients which helps the patients for fast recovery. I think that is the reason why more people are traveling to India for major surgeries.

ldeng said...

Another reason India is so popular with medical tourists is the growing number of companies, like WorldMed Assist, that make it easy for patients to travel for medical care. They facilitate everything from helping patients decide which country, which hospital, which surgeon, to transferring medical records and setting up conference calls between patient and surgeon, arranging travel and booking hotels, and keeping friends and family back home informed of the patient's progress. Patients need to select a reputable facilitator—one that performs multi-day, on-site audits of each facility in its network, one that knows the top surgeons at each of its hospitals, one that’s passionate about each patient having a good experience from first contact through full recovery. A sample of procedures offered at top rated hospitals abroad is available at http://www.worldmedassist.com/procedures.htm