Freedom in an Empty Inbox

I do a lot of communication through email.  My email inbox tends to double as a "to-do list".  If someone approaches me at church with an idea or task, I always tell them to shoot me an email because it's the only way I won't forget.  When my inbox is cluttered, my life tends to feel a little cluttered.  This is just one of my nastiest demons rearing his ugly head in my life - his name is Procrastination.

I don't know if any of you struggle with procrastination, but it's a constant battle for me.  I tend to run in cycles.  I'll be super-organized and on top of things for a while.  Then I end up putting off one or two tasks that I'm less than excited about. Then a few tasks snowball into several.  I get stressed and overwhelmed.  Then I get motivated, tackle all my less-than-exciting tasks, and enter back into the peace of organization.

I bought a "leadership-type" book 4 years ago called Eat That Frog.  It's a book about overcoming procrastination.  I keep putting off reading it.  I think I'll start it today...later.

Today my inbox is empty.  Today is a good day.


Clara said...

I love what you wrote. It really made me think.

Mookie said...

Procrastination...brought on by human bicameral tendencies towards laziness in our overly-structured society that dictates in our jobs to do just what we're told.

I suffer from this all the time. Maybe, someday, if I think about it hard enough and find myself in the neighborhood of a bookstore...I'll get that book, and four years later, I might read it!

Great Post, Jeff!