Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Another fun weekend!
  • Friday night I drove to Sacramento with Isaiah to see our Dixon Rams open up a can on Foothill.  Dixon starts the playoffs next Friday night and has home field advantage.  Awesome!  I love having a small role in this team as team chaplain.  Great team, great coaches!
  • Watched Baby Mama Friday night.  Not really that funny.  If you've seen the commercials, you've seen all the funniest bits.
  • Got up early Saturday to drive Mollie to her tennis lesson.  I love that she's learning and enjoying tennis.  She's cute with her pink racket!
  • Saw some 007 with Isaiah Saturday afternoon. I love that boy so much!
  • Isla entertained the family Saturday evening by baby-talking quite loudly and spinning in circles until she got dizzy and fell down...for 30 minutes straight!  She also heard Isaiah doing his imitation of Gordon Ramsey and walked around the room saying "Beep, beep, beep, beep..."  She's a hoot!
  • Church was great Sunday morning!  Rob and the worship team knocked it out of the park.  They seriously sound better and better every week.  Big highlight: one of our teens, Dakota, did some serious shredding on the electric guitar.
  • Phil Lockwood preached today and did a great job, too.  He preached from Mark 2 where the paralyzed man is lowered through the roof and Jesus heals him.  Phil reminded us that sometimes we're on the sickbed and sometimes we're the ones holding the ropes for other people.  Good stuff!
  • Lunch Sunday with the Suttons at Bud's.  Great company and a great BLT!
  • I love Living Hope Church so much!  I can't wait for Advent.  This year we're turning our advent into and ADVENTure!

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