The Nightmare Before Christmas, 3-D

For Isaiah's birthday he just wanted to invite some friends out for dinner and a movie.  He wanted to go see Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D.  So that's what we did.

I have loved this movie for years.  I believe it was released in the early 90s and the animation was ground-breaking at the time, and still is in my opinion.  It's dark and creepy, funny, the music is GREAT...it's just an all-around great movie.  I've always regretted never seeing it on the big screen, though. So I was really excited about Isaiah's pick.

I wasn't disappointed.  I've seen this movie probably a hundred times, but it was like I was watching something completely different.  I think part of it was the big screen experience, but the 3-D changed everything!  The 3-D was really incredible.  The movie had so much depth.  I will say that it wasn't the greatest 3-D I've ever seen.  Today's 3-D IMAX experiences are truly a thing to behold.  The images literally come out of the screen and feel like they're right at your neck.  The 3-D in Nightmare never really jumped off the screen. Instead it felt more like looking through a window.  But it was beautiful nonetheless.  There was even depth to the lines and creases on the character's faces.  It was great!  Check it out if you get the chance.

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