Jamie and I recently made the decision to start homeschooling Mollie and Isaiah. We have always been big supporters of public schools and have always had good experiences.  However, this year we've noticed a change in our kids and were not satisfied that the learning environments they were in were best for them.  There were issues academically and emotionally that had us concerned, so we felt it was time to circle the wagons and take a more hands-on approach. So far we're pleased with the results and Jamie is doing a great job teaching the kids.

I know many people choose home school or private schools for different reasons.  Some want to protect their children from negative influences. Some want to expose their children to a strong Christian education. Some just have no faith in the public school system.  For us, it was an academic decision.  We hope someday in the future our children will re-enter the public school system, but for now we all believe this is the best decision for them.

The reason I love public schools so much, is that they are one of the biggest domestic mission fields. I've always been proud of my kids for understanding that, too.  Everywhere we've lived (including here in Dixon) our kids have brought unchurched friends (and their parents) into our churches.  We've always tried to let our kids know that they have an important role in my calling as a pastor.  When God sends me to a church, He is also sending our family to a city that He wants us ALL to reach.

Pray for our family as we make this transition.

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