Monday Morning Quarterbacking

This has been one of the most difficult but rewarding and blessed weekends in recent memory.  I'll choose to focus on the highlights here:
  • Trick-or-treating with Isla was a hoot.  She dressed like Elmo.  It was cute watching her walk up to the doors and say "Teet!"  She did fine until Jamie let her taste a piece of chocolate.  Then she didn't want to knock on any more doors - she just wanted to eat.
  • This was the first wet weekend of the rainy season.  I was totally digging listening to the rain.
  • We took a 24 hour mini-vacation this weekend and drove to Santa Cruz.  Even though it was rainy, we stayed in a great hotel right on the beach.  Our room had the most incredible view of the ocean (which Isla informed us about 100 times was "cool").  Saturday night Jamie and I spent a little time in the hot tub outside in the rain.  We were nice and toasty from the neck down, but our heads were pelted with rain.  It was nice, though.
  • We watched three movies this weekend.  I Am Legend, Kung Fu Panda, and The Happening.  I really enjoyed them all.
  • Sunday morning we were excited to worship at the Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz.  Vintage Faith is Dan Kimball's church.  Dan wrote The Emerging Church and They Like Jesus But Not the Church.  He wasn't there but the service was great.  VFC is a very interesting, cool, and eclectic community.  I love the way they really have their finger on the pulse of Santa Cruz. It was also great showing up to church and not worrying about having to make anything happen.  But I'm ready to get back to it!

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Anonymous said...

You liked The Happening?


I mean, I WANTED to like it, but . . . no.


I suppose love ya anyway.

- Josh