Generation WE

I saw this video today on the CataBlog. Check it out.

Generation WE: The Movement Begins... from Generation We on Vimeo.

Living Hope, in case you're wondering, THIS IS OUR MISSION FIELD.  This is who we are going to be constantly targeting as a church.  This is not only the largest demographic in the US, it's the largest unchurched demographic in the US.  To ignore these young adults and those coming behind them is to be short-sighted and selfish.  It would be the signing of the death certificate of the future of the church in America.  Programming/preaching to meet the needs of Generation WE is not just a church growth tactic, it is the heart of God - to seek and save the lost.

Put aside the message of the video temporarily and SEE the faces.  If a good-sized portion of our church doesn't look like this, then we're failing.

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