Giving Poll

Please participate in the new poll located at the top of the sidebar to the right.  I'm curious how (or if) the economy is affecting your personal giving at your local church.  Your response is completely anonymous so be truthful.  Poll is open for 1 week.  (By the way, Living Hope's giving has seen a decent increase in the past 2 months.  But that's because Living Hopers ROCK!)

I was somewhat surprised at the results of the previous poll about creation.  Almost 1/3 of the responding Christians stated that they believed God used evolution in His creative process.  I bet that's a significant increase from even 10 years ago.  (Of course there's nothing scientific about my little blog poll, but still...)


Mookie said...

To the last paragraph about those of us who believe at least partially in evolutionary processes....since God created everything, wouldn't He have included this in His plans?

Jeff Myers said...

If evolution is true and the "6-day" creation is not literal, then yes. I guess my biggest question is why is it harder for Christians to take the Bible literally on this issue than it is to believe in a theory so full of holes? Maybe God DID use evolution in His creative process, but I haven't seen anything so substantial in the evolutionary theory that would make me rethink a literal view of the creation story.


Mookie said...

I dont look at evolution in the realm of the bigger species, like humans, animals and fish so much.
I look at things like viruses and bacterium. The way I see it, these things existed from the beginning. God created these original forms. And these original forms, eventually began undertaking their own changes, evolving from one form into another, hence antibiotic resistant. And yet, when you get to the core of it all, it is the same virus or bacteria, as it was in the beginning, that just learned to grow itself in a supercharged form. I don't think evolution, at least from my standpoint, negates the literal 6-Day Creation. I just think that a lot of people see things as only one way..either model A, or model B, with no room for greater understanding that may show that model C might be the correct version fo events.
Your thoughts?