Mollie and I had a Daddy/Daughter date night last night.  She wanted to see Twilight, so that's what we did.  It was pretty good in a teen angst sort of way.  Even though it's a vampire story, it's much more of a teen romance than a horror film.  The whole film looked like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.  Lots of beautiful, skinny, pale, frowning teens.  Teens I'm sure will love this movie. Adults will be OK with it.  One annoying thing was watching it with a bunch giggling fans of the books (which Mollie and I hadn't read). They kept laughing at all these things that weren't funny at all.  It was obvious they were in the know about things that we weren't.  Even Mollie said she got annoyed by it.

One kind of cool aspect of this film is that in a weird sort of way the story promotes abstinence.  A human girl falls in love with the vampire boy.  Because of his "blood-thirst" they have to be very careful about how close they get.  Interesting little side-theme.

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Nicole said...

I have seen and read the book and Loved it. you need to read the book. they leave the best parts out. and some other things are different. It is a wonderful love story once you read all 4 books. and the thing that makes it scary is the fact the there are vampires and so much more, Jacob is not what he seems to be. read book 2 to find out. there is a lot of drama. but with what you say at the end, would read all 4 books to check that.