Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Wow! Another great weekend.
  • Friday I got to play a round of golf with my friend Roger.  We couldn't have had a more beautiful day - 65 degrees, slight breeze, clear skies...AWESOME!  If only my game would have been as beautiful.  Shot a 110...ouch!
  • Friday night did the team chaplain thing for the Dixon Rams football team at the first round of playoff play.  Coach Winslow gave me my very own staff jacket with my name and "Team Chaplain" embroidered on it.  Very cool!  The team won their game. Now they're headed to the second round...can't wait!
  • Saturday was a very restful day. I needed it. Thoroughly enjoyed watching my OU Sooners lay the smack down on Texas Tech.
  • Great service at church today.  We talked about what to do when you're stressed, depressed, or experiencing burnout.  It seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people.
  • I enjoyed our LifeGroup tonight, too.  We going through one of the Ray Vanderlaan video series - That the World May Know.  His stuff is so great...very insightful and challenging.
  • I'm really looking forward to a big ol' Thanksgiving feast Thursday.  My wife throws down on the holidays.  Looking forward to having friends over to the house.
  • Also can't wait to start advent next Sunday.  Emmanuel...God is HERE!!!

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Mookie said...

Only wish I could shoot a 110 on a full course!!

Nice to see the coach recognize your position with the team so openly!

The OU trouncing of Texas Tech is a sad day for those of us who were rooting for the higher ranked, yet underdog Red Raiders! Their defeat of Texas was a grand display of what the game is about. Stoop's teams are just plain domineering! Blech