I'm really excited about the sermon series we're starting this week! It's a 4-week series called GOD/LOVE/SEX.  We'll spend the month of October discussing relationships, marriage, sex and much more. It's actually primarily a study of the Song of Solomon. (If you've never read the Song of Solomon, you should stop reading this right now, grab your Bible, read it, and thank God for putting it in the Bible!)

The series will go like this:
  • Week 1 - When Chemistry & Theology Collide
  • Week 2 - Till Death...
  • Week 3 - Great Sex!
  • Week 4 - Questions??
I'm especially excited about Week 4. If you follow this link to our church website -http://livinghope-dixon.com/news/godlovesex/- you can anonymously submit a question about relationships, marriage, sex, divorce, dating, or whatever.  I will use Week 4 to address as many of the questions submitted as possible.  It's completely anonymous. Your question is emailed directly to me with no indication of sender or anything.  So ask away. Nothing is off-limits.

Even if you're not a Living Hoper, feel free to follow the series by listening to our podcast.  There's a link to the podcast on the sidebar of this blog or you can download it through iTunes (search for Living Hope Church - Jeff Myers).

I really enjoy preaching about this topic.  It's a lot of fun and honestly I believe most churches don't hear enough of it.  In Lebanon, MO I was honored to help out the Pregnancy Support Center in teaching abstinence in the area public schools.  Tons of fun.  The greatest side affect of this, was that almost everytime I was in Wal-Mart some teen would stop me and say, "Hey, aren't you the sex guy?"  If I every had someone else with me, I always had some explaining to do.

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