Jeremy Hubbard

So I'm watching the news yesterday and I think of an old friend from when I was a senior in high school named Jeremy Hubbard. Jeremy and his older brother Craig were in our youth group at our church in Wichita, KS (we moved there my senior year, but I'm not bitter). Jeremy is my age. I use the term "youth group" loosely because our youth group pretty much consisted of about 5-6 teens from 3 different families - it was a very small church. Anyway, I'm thinking of Jeremy because he went into news broadcasting and the last I heard he was working at a station in Kansas City. So I Google Jeremy and to my surprise he was hired by ABC News a few months ago to anchor ABC World News Now and ABC America This Morning. This is ABC's late night/early morning news broadcast. So I've started Tivo-ing World News Now and getting my news from an old friend.

It's really weird because "anchorman" Jeremy is not entirely the Jeremy from my memories. I remember being nervous about moving to a new, bigger city and not having any friends. Jeremy and Craig and Craig's new bride Kristi (congrats, guys, if you read this! - I read the news on your blog, Craig/Kristi) were the first people to befriend me and my brother, Kenny. I just remember laughing so hard all day that first day in town because Craig and Jeremy both had a wicked sense of humor. Great memories!

Anyway, congrats on the new job if you read this, Jeremy!


Kim G. said...

I also recently was told by a friend about Jeremy's life as a news anchor. We were great friends through middle school before he moved. My husband is a pastor too. I've always wanted to re-connect w/ Jeremy. If you know how I could do so, please let me know! Where is your church? We are in Sioux Falls, SD. www.nhfc.tv it stands for New Hope Family Church

Kim Garrison

Jeff Myers said...

I recently reconnected with him on Facebook. I'd try there.

My church is in Dixon, CA.

Kim G. said...

Thanks, I'll check face book out. Best wishes to you in CA! :)