What if...?

In a sermon a couple of weeks ago one of my points was that many, if not most, of us are "practical atheists" (a term I heard Craig Groeschel use at Catalyst '07).  We say we have faith, but live as if the opposite is true.  But what if our lives matched our "beliefs"?  How would your life look different?

What if we prayed like we really believed God was listening and would answer?

What if we read our Bibles expecting to hear a Word from God?

What if we actually believed the second coming was imminent?

What if we shared Jesus with others believing that He really can change lives?

What if our faith and trust in God's provision was bigger than our checkbook balance?

What if we started seeing ourselves as disciples and not JUST Christians?

What if we stopped trying to help our kids get to graduation day, and started discipling our families?

What if our hearts were broken for "the least of these" instead annoyed?

What if we stopped having discussions about social justice and actually got up off our butts and helped someone?

What if we honestly believed our sins are forgiven and forgotten by God?

What if we stopped trying to make the Bible match our theology and started making our theology match the Bible?

What if we loved each other enough to risk losing the relationship by lovingly pointing out sinfulness?

What if stopped slamming the door of "ministry" shut on broken, sinful people and instead, put our arms around them and helped them heal their souls so they can be effective in ministry?

What if we didn't care if people knew the #1 priority in our lives was Jesus Christ?

What if...?

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steve said...

Jeff, keep writing,keep reading and keep praying. God has blessed you and your family. Thanks