Cluster & The Church's Response to Gay Marriage

A few times a year, the EFC pastors in certain areas get together for what we call Clusters.  Our district superintendent, Gil Stieglitz, does a great job of encouraging and equipping us pastors in these casual round-table meetings.  The East Bay Cluster is a great group of guys.  I love the interaction.  We do a lot of razzing each other.  I love pastors.

One of the things we discussed today was the fall-out of legalized gay marriage here in California. Evidently there are some homosexual activist-type groups that plan to press the issue as far as possible.  Churches are being asked to marry gay couples and if they refuse they are being sued. Evidently they have a case, too, because civil rights trump religious rights in the eyes of the court. This is causing many churches to adopt clauses in their by-laws that state the church will only marry church members and even statements that specifically state that they won't marry active homosexuals.  This is something that our church leadership will probably have to consider and wrestle with.  I hate the implications of all this for churches.  I don't like the idea of picking on one specific group of sinners in our by-laws.  It'll be interesting to see how churches handle this - ours included.


DeadMule said...

And what happens when two people join your church first and then tell you they are homosexuals and want to marry within the church? Wrestle harder. Get to know some actual Christian homosexuals. They are real people from whom Jesus died at Calvary. Singling them out is wrong.
Might as well post a sign on the church door "No Sinners Allowed." Not.

Jamie said...

I've had many friends who are homosexuals and have enjoyed getting to know them and spend time with them... including time at church together. Yes - Jesus died at Calvary for all of them, as well as for every other person on earth. We are ALL born w/ sinful natures and all need to ask God's forgiveness. Our response to this incredible act of God's love should be a desire to turn away from our sin and through the power of His Holy Spirit, make choices that are no longer sinful. That would include not living a homosexual lifestyle. Will we all screw up and make mistakes? Of course, but this doesn't give us license to ignore God's Word and intentionally live a way that God clearly tells us not to. Unfortunately, that would include homosexuals choosing to get married. I would welcome any sinner into our church with open arms. That's exactly why we exist. I will love them with a love that only comes from Christ and pray that they'll accept me in spite of my past and sinful choices too. Together, as a part of the body of Christ, our job is to hold each other up and encourage each other on toward holy living. I realize not everyone holds this view point. I believe the Bible to be 100% true and inspired by God, and therefore I cannot ignore God's specific direction not to act on homosexual desires.

Okay - enough of this book I'm writing. Just wanted to share my opinion in love.