Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Great weekend!
  • My Oklahoma Sooners have officially secured the #1 spot!  God is good!
  • I really felt God's leading through some difficult situations all day Friday.  Had some potentially rough situations to deal with in the church, but God truly went ahead of me and prepared the way!
  • Had a great conversation with my Mom on Friday.  God is doing amazing things in her life right now.  I'll share about it sometime soon.
  • What a beautiful night Friday night at the DHS football game.  It was awesome seeing so many Living Hopers there, too!
  • Great day today at Living Hope! God really orchestrated a beautiful service.  Several weeks ago I knew I would be preaching on our identity as God's children and the title of my sermon would be "There Are No Orphans".  What I didn't know at the time was that today would also be the day that Sharon Linebarger of Little Flock Children's Home in India would be in service and we would officially announce that Living Hope will be taking a mission trip to India to work at Little Flock in October 2009.  It all just weaved together beautifully.
  • I enjoyed holding Isla throughout most of my sermon, too.  She was sort of my object lesson to share about our relationship with God the Father.
  • It was great visiting with the Taylors at lunch today. What a beautiful family! Jamie's roast was spot-on!
  • LifeGroups were great tonight.  I'm really enjoying the Jim Cymbala study, When God's People Pray.  One of the things we hit tonight was this concept of preparatory prayer...AWESOME!  I'll share more about it later this week.
Can't wait to see how God uses and grows our church this week!


Mookie said...

Regarding your Oklahoma Sooners....
I'm beginning to think God is tinkering with gambling....USC should never have lost to Oregon State.....Cal, maybe, but Oregon State??? Florida and Georgia losing as well....something is afoot here, and I think the Big Guy is abusing his Divine Powers. I guess I shouldve prayed a little harder last week! LOL

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, all around.

But I gotta ask: did you really just credit God with a football team's win?


- Josh

Anonymous said...

Uh, to Josh. Yeh, especially when they're from God's country. And oh, forgive us God for our pride. "Pride cometh before a great fall". Do you know how hard it is to be sitting in a doctors office & see on the TV that USC just lost & you're an OU fan living in Illinois. And on top of that your cell isn't getting any reception to OK to talk w/someone who really cares. Yeh, God Is GOOD, even in the small things in our lives. GO SOONERS. Mom