The One I Couldn't Shake - 9/25

Amos 6:3-7 (The Message)

Woe to you who are rushing headlong to disaster!
Catastrophe is just around the corner!
Woe to those who live in luxury
and expect everyone else to serve them!
Woe to those who live only for today,
indifferent to the fate of others!
Woe to the playboys, the playgirls,
who think life is a party held just for them!
Woe to those addicted to feeling good--life without pain!
those obsessed with looking good--life without wrinkles!
They could not care less
about their country going to ruin.

(Sounds eerily familiar! And vs. 7 tells us the result.)

But here's what's really coming:
a forced march into exile.
They'll leave the country whining,
a rag-tag bunch of good-for-nothings.

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