The Orphanage

Jamie was out of town last night, so naturally, Mollie, Isaiah and I watched a scary movie.  I rented The Orphanage from a Redbox. (I love Redbox. It's a movie vending machine that is in the entryway of many Wal-Marts and other locations.  $1/per day. Can't beat it.)

The Orphanage is a Guillermo Del Toro movie.  Del Toro also made Pan's Labyrinth, which I also love.  This movie was pretty darn creepy.  It felt like a strange mix of Poltergeist and The Sixth Sense.  Honestly it was probably a little too scary for my 11 and 9 year old kids, but it's fun getting creeped out occasionally.  We watched The Office after it was over to laugh away the fear.

Del Toro is an incredible filmmaker.  He creates these environments and characters that offer both a sense of wonder and fear.  Like Pan's Labyrinth, it's in Spanish with English subtitles.  I'm amazed at my kids' ability to sit through and enjoy both of those movies even though they have to read the entire thing.  After a while you don't even realize you're reading everything. Check this movie out. It's worth it. Here's the trailer.

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