Football & Skype

Last night was an absolutely perfect night. The weather was gorgeous with a slight breeze and Isaiah and I got to watch our Dixon Rams open up a can on the Amador Buffalos. Very cool! I did my chaplain thing before the game. It's so funny, because right before the game the atmosphere is so intense! The coaches and players are mannin' up and getting ready for battle. Lots of screaming and slapping each other and cursing. Then they all take a knee, pop their tops, quiet down and allow me to lead them in prayer. But as soon as "Amen" is said it's immediately back to screaming and cursing and slapping each other. Kinda funny. I'm seriously honored to have the opportunity to be out there. They're a good bunch of guys.

One of the things that I always miss about the mid-west when I'm living in California is that I don't get to watch very many Oklahoma Sooner football games. I'm trying to keep track of it with the weak play-by-play text/graphic report on ESPN.com, but it's not the same as watching the actual game. So far my Sooners are having a great season. Boomer Sooner, baby!

I'm loving Skype right now. If you haven't downloaded Skype you really should. I've been able to have video calls with my mom, my brother Kenny and his family, Joe Wilson in Lebanon, MO and Steve Torrison in Panama. It's totally free and the quality is AMAZING! Seriously the audio is better than telephone and the video is pretty good, too. Get it if you haven't yet. Feel free to Skype me once you've downloaded it. My Skype ID is "jeff.jamie.myers".

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