Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Had another great weekend!  Here we go:
  • Friday night we went to Oakland to see the A's get spanked by the Rangers.  It was still a good time, though.  This was Isla's first BIG game and she was loving it.  She gets excited whenever she hears people clapping, so she was pretty much in heaven.  We also got to spend some time at the game with a new couple at LHC.  Good times.
  • Saturday we spent the day with the Ents in Novato.  I love this family and am always encouraged after spending time with them.  Even when they're going through tough times, they're pretty positive people.  They're in the process of doing one of the gutsiest things anyone can do...start a church.  Pray for them.
  • We had terrific services today at LHC.  We talked about the importance of being a praying church.  We're beginning a Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting this week and going through Jim Cymbala's "When God's People Pray" in our small groups.  I mentioned a line from Shadowlands that I love when CS Lewis says something to the effect of "I don't pray because it changes God, I pray because it changes me."  We cannot over-emphasize prayer!
  • Our small groups kick off this week and we had three groups meeting tonight.  I'm already hearing good reports.  God is beginning to do an incredible work at Living Hope.  I love it!

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