Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Wow! Another busy weekend, but lots of fun.

Jamie went to the Thrive Worship Conference at Bayside Church with the rest of our worship team on Friday and Saturday.  So I had kid duty.  I actually had a good time with the kids.  

Friday night we went to the Gretchen Higgins Elementary Family Fun Night. Kind of a carnival atmosphere. Mollie and Isaiah were really excited about it and had a good time.

After spending time at the school, we went to Winters to see the Dixon HS football team play. I love being the team chaplain.  It's an incredible opportunity!

God did an incredible work at Living Hope today.  Our worship gathering was great.  The worship team came back fired up from their conference and my message today was one that was burning to get out of me.  I believe many people took steps closer to God today.

Today was also the 7th birthday of Living Hope Church.  We had a great feast and a membership meeting after the worship service. The meeting went smoothly and I think people left excited about what God is doing.

We visited one of our LifeGroups tonight and had a great time getting into the Word and praying! We have so many people being stretched to the limit by their life's circumstances, yet God is present and working it all for their/our good.  God is good - all the time!

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5 watts of power coming to ya! said...

I just wanted to tell you that I may not leave a lot of comments, but i always read your blog and I love to hear what you have to say. The success of your church and the growth it is experiencing is very encouraging! We miss you a lot, but i'm very excited for you all!