Unfortunate Coincidence

Exactly 1 year ago Jamie and I made our first trip to Dixon, CA to check out Living Hope Church. It was a wonderful trip, but I pretty much completely lost my voice and needed to preach on Sunday morning. I'm reminded of this because I have now officially lost my voice again one year later.

One of the elders introduced me to a miracle drug for public speakers who have lost their voice. It's called Throat Coat Tea.  Brew a bit of it up. Sip it hot. It coats your throat and gives you enough temporary relief to make it through your talk. One minor detail, though - it tastes like rancid tree bark. But it works! I might be using it again this Sunday.


Jana said...

Exactly how much rancid tree bark have you tasted to know that's what this tea tastes like?

Hope we get to see you guys while you're this close! We'll have to see where I am with all this back surgery stuff.

julie w said...

I have to say one year ago...was a sad memory for me! :( We miss you guys! (I know I am being a little selfish!)
I am glad that your church is doing well and that you guys are making such a difference in CA!
Love you all!