Joy on a Tuesday

Today was a good day. I just thought I'd list some things that brought me joy today.

  1. Hanging out with pastors. Our district super gathered several of us EFC pastors for a cluster today. I love pastors so much. I really love our cluster, too. It's a great group of leaders.
  2. Seeing several of my old El Sobrante friends. My El Sob friends are some of my most valued treasures!
  3. Prayer meeting tonight. Small group, but powerful prayer. One of my favorite Living Hope activities.
  4. Fried eggs. I've lived on scrambled eggs for the last several years, but lately I've been craving fried eggs all the time. Fried a couple up tonight with some toast. So good it'll make you want to punch your grandma in the throat!
  5. American Idol. I'm so glad it's back. I don't even mind the new judge so much. I laughed and even got little tear once or twice. Great show!
  6. Talking to my Jamie on the phone. I can't wait for her to get home tomorrow night. I could handle some good kissin'!

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