Lunch at Pixar

I had an epic day today! In preparation for an upcoming sermon, I met with my friend, Rich, who is going to assist me. Rich is one of the creative minds at Pixar. I told him I would come meet him for lunch so we could talk and was surprised to get to actually eat lunch with him inside Pixar Studios. What an amazing place! It's hard for me to wrap my mind around how many creative people there are working in one location. Pixar employs around 1000 people and the power of moving all that creative energy in one direction is so evident in every Pixar film.

It was very cool touring the studio and seeing all the paintings, story boards and sculpted images of the characters. I was able to walk around the "common" areas of the main Pixar
 building. You first walk into a large atrium-type room where there is an onsite cafeteria (but with excellent food), cereal bar, game room, employee gift shop, and several lounge areas. Rich told me that the massive building was designed with interaction in mind. It's almost impossible to hide out in your office or cubicle because the only bathrooms are in the atrium. This forces the team to get up, walk around, and interact with each other.

Here's a couple of pictures. One of me with Mike and Sully (two of my fav Pixar characters!). And a picture of my visitor pass sticker. My name was misspelled, but I love that Rich told them I was with the "Jesus Swat Team"!

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Dorthy said...

I always knew you were a stranger from the outside!