Real Men Drink Tea

Jamie and I had a night away last night in Auburn and it was great.  For Christmas/14th anniversary we got Jamie an overnight stay at an old Victorian bed & breakfast, high tea for two, and a massage. I think we struck gold with this gift.

High tea is a very un-dude affair. Fancy settings, little cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, scones, etc... No hot wings or ribs or nachos! But I sat down across the table from my wife and sipped tea and ate pretentious food...because she's worth at least that much.

Guys, what's something that your wife is totally into that she would just be blown away if you joined her in doing? For Jamie it's tea. Maybe your wife just wants you to take a walk or go wine-tasting (tasting, not chugging) or put together a puzzle or whatever. I want to challenge you, before it turns into February, find your wife's sweet spot and surprise her. (And trust me, it's probably not the first "sweet spot" that popped into your head. You're going to have to not think like a dude if you're going to pull this one off.)


Stephanie said...

Sounds fun -- but does this mean I may be getting ANOTHER cousin?!?!?! Love you all!

Mookie said...

Not thinking like a dude??? The mere thought of this makes my head hurt!!!
Sounds like you had a good time, despite the pretentious food, and made quite the effort for your wife. It's a beautiful thing, sir. Now I have to think of something to do for my wife....ugh!