The Dude Abides

I love dudes. I really love dudes that love Jesus. I think it's kind of an unwritten belief that if you're a dude that loves Jesus, you're a little less of a dude than other dudes. I've found the exact opposite to be true. I think dudes that will follow Christ and allow him to transform their dudeness to look similar to His dudeness is an awesome thing. When dudes start following Jesus they don't have to give back their "dude cards."  Why? Because, in the words of The Big Lebowski, "The Dude abides."

I had a great breakfast this morning with three sold-out for Jesus dudes. Real dudes with real dude interests, problems, families, jobs and such -- just trying to be dudes following Jesus. I love that Jesus loves dudes, too. I love that he calls dudes to lead His Church. So today I'm praying for all the Living Hope dudes and I'm praying that God will send us more and more dudes everyweek. Young dudes, old dudes, cool dudes, crusty dudes, rich dudes, poor dudes, baby dudes, teenage dudes, sports dudes, computer dudes, blue-collar dudes, white-collar dudes, Raiders dudes and Niners dudes, dudes on motorcycles, dudes in hybrids, single dudes, married dudes, divorced dudes, dudes that are on fire for Jesus, and dudes that are just checking the whole thing out. God just fill our church with dudes (and dudettes)!