Oklahoma: A Great Place To Be From

We just arrived in Oklahoma City for several days of seeing family. It's good to be back. It's kind of an underhanded compliment to say that Oklahoma is a great place to be from. But I actually mean it. I love that I grew up in Oklahoma. I grew up in urban (sort of) Oklahoma City until I was 10 and the next four years in Stuart, OK (tiny town of about 300 people). Oklahoma is not the most exciting place to live or even the most beautiful. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. It's pretty windy most of the time and God tries to thin the Okie herd several times a year with tornadoes...but overall it was a great place to grow up. It's a slower pace, a simpler existence, and little more innocent than other parts of the country.  So I'm proud that I have an Okie heritage.

However, I'm totally glad to have moved on from Oklahoma. I love California! I just can't stay away. Obviously, California is a beautiful state, but it's more than that. It's the people. They're friendly, but quirky. I like quirky. I get quirky people and most times quirky people get me. Oklahoma always conjures of feelings of home, but I've never felt more free to be who God made me than when I'm in California.

It's also very cool to be in Oklahoma THIS WEEK watching the Sooners play in the BCS Championship game while in Sooner territory. I love it! When it comes to baseball, it's all about my Oakland A's, but if we're talking football...Boomer Sooner, baby!


Ron Hunter said...

Ouch on the Oklahoma...I am a FSU fan but will be cheering for Florida being I am a Florida boy. I guess we all pull for our roots.

Speaking of sports, I wonder if you have any opinions on the new EPSN360 promotion. I have the commercial on my blog with a few comments. I see it as an ethical problem. What do you think?

Dorthy said...

You forgot to mention that the big plus is that your mother-in-law is in Oklahoma!