I Love Baptisms!

I had the honor of baptizing two Living Hopers this weekend. Since we're a "portable" church, we normally conduct our baptisms in a swimming pool. That is nice and has a really fun vibe to it, but this time we borrowed a portable baptistry from another church. It was nice having the whole congregation share in that experience and making it another element of our worship service. It just made our worship service feel electric. We baptized Justin and M'Lisa and it was awesome!

Baptisms are my favorite thing that I get to do as a pastor. I'll never
 understand why some people show resistance to being baptized. I've talked to several people over the years that don't see the need in it and refuse to do it. They state that theologically it's not necessary to their salvation and so to require it is legalistic or something. I think for many it's a reaction to the theology that says salvation comes through baptism.

But here's the deal. JESUS COMMANDED IT. If you're a Christ-follower, why are you questioning something that Jesus commanded and even participated in himself. Are you above Jesus' commands? Are you somehow better than Jesus, reasoning that even though he was baptized, it's not something you need to do? I know that salvation doesn't come through any "magical" properties in the water. I know that theologically, all we need to be saved is God's grace and our faith. But if Jesus commands it, sets a personal example for it, that's grounds enough for me to call it necessary.

I think it boils down to this - SUBMISSION. If Jesus is really your Lord, submit to him. If you have really committed your life to following him, quit trying to find loopholes. 

If you love him...GET WET!


Anonymous said...

Pastor, thankyou so much for letting me be a part of that. That is truly one of the most precious and moving moments in my life. Joe

Brent said...

I wish others would also see the necessity of baptism. It was commanded for a reason! Great post.