Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I've already hit a lot of what happened this weekend, but here's a few more things:
  • We tried to do a few extra things with the kids this weekend.  Saturday morning we went to Sacramento to the IMAX theater and saw this cartoon called Fly Me to the Moon.  The 3-D aspect of it was pretty neat, but not such a great movie.  But the kids had a good time.
  • After the movie we were walking around.  We were right next to the Sacramento Convention Center when I remembered that this was the weekend for the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention right there in Sacramento.  All these youth pastors were walking around with their cool convention messenger bags and looking like they were having a great time.  Jamie and looked at each other with sad faces.  I said, "We suck.  We're not youth pastors anymore.  We're not cool anymore.  I want a cool YS messenger bag."  Love that convention!
  • Our worship gathering was great yesterday. I preached on taking our marriage vow, "till death", seriously.  I felt like the enemy seriously didn't want me to deliver that message yesterday. I struggled all week preparing it, but it finally came together late Saturday night when Jamie took the time to come pray over me.  The weight lifted and the sermon literally came together in my head before she could say Amen.  She's an incredible woman!
  • I got a little loud in my sermon yesterday, which I don't often do.  One of the things I was yelling, resonated in my soul too - "There's no excuse for being a lazy husband or father! There's no excuse for being a lazy wife or mother!" I needed to hear that as badly as I needed to say it.
  • Played a game with the kids last night - this great card game called Bohnanza.  Check it out. We love it!
  • God's really stirring some things up in me right now regarding my kids.  Maybe I'll share it someday.

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Betsy said...

IT really feels like Satan has spiritual holds on families right now and marriages are suffering. Most of us think we are battling our spouse but we are battling spirits. Allowing your wife to pray over you and have the spirit leave you shows the strength in you as a man. I really think we as a church body needs to start acknowledging these principalities that are attacking us and using the Holy Spirit and the bible to fight back.