Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I've already mentioned alot about the weekend, but I'll recap real quick.
  • Friday night movie night with the kids was fun - Mr. Bean's Holiday.
  • Saturday morning I took Mollie and Isla out for a little Daddy/daughter time.  We had a great time and got to do some uninterrupted talking.  Drove to Winters and had lunch at the Putah Creek Cafe. Then headed into the hills and walked around the Monticello Dam at Lake Berryessa.  It's gorgeous out there and hard to believe it's only about 30 minutes from our house. We also stopped off on the side of the road and walked around Putah Creek. Isla liked the walking.  She's funny, though - full-speed-ahead on pavement, but when she's walking on a trail or grass she slows down to a snails pace.  Very unsure of unpaved surfaces.
  • Sunday morning was AWESOME!  We had Friend Day at LHC and there were tons of new faces in the crowd.  Love meeting new people at church.  One of our primary goals for this last Sunday was to have people walk out surprised by how much fun they had at church.  I think we accomplished it - lots of buzz after the service.
  • After a Sunday afternoon nap (which I LOVE!) we went to visit our soon-to-be new beagle puppy.  The litter was born several weeks ago and we get to actually pick her up on October 20th, but the family that is selling her to us has been great about letting us come by and visit her. I think we've almost settled on a name - Jenny.  She's a cute pup and in that curious stage right now.  I can't wait to get her. The whole family is excited about it, but I think we're looking forward to watching her and Isla grow up together most of all.  Here's a few pics:

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Dorthy said...

Great pics. Love Isla and the puppy. But a good one of Isaiah too.