Good Day

Today was a good day.  Very busy, but enjoyable.  Spent some time preparing something fun for Friend Day this Sunday.  Can't go into a lot of detail, but if you're a Living Hoper, you DO NOT want to miss this weekend!

I also had a great Mahi Mahi Burrito at Rubio's too.  That alone was worth getting out of bed today.

Then to cap it all off, the fam sat down and watched Mr. Bean's Holiday tonight.  Pretty funny, but I will say that I think Mr. Bean is funnier in short-form than feature length.  You can only take so much squirrelly expressions and inaudible grunts.  But still it was a good G-rated family night.

One depressing thing this weekend.  We have been planning for a couple months to go camping with some long-time friends next weekend.  We found out Thursday that they went camping THIS weekend - we've had the dates wrong in our calendar for many weeks and it never came out in our conversations.  We were SOOO disappointed because we love this family so much and were seriously looking forward to the time with them.  We felt pretty stupid too.  I hope we can catch up with them for a camping trip next year.  We're going to go ahead and take the kids camping next week anyway by ourselves.  Not the same, but we'll try to have a great time.

I really can't wait for this Sunday - Friend Day!  I think these "big" days are HUGE in the life of a church.  Easter, Christmas, Friend Day, etc... - intentional invitation days.  We encourage people to invite friends every Sunday, but the big push days can sure provide a "spiritual shot of adrenaline" to the church.  Whether you're a Living Hoper or not, invite a friend to church this weekend.  I believe this is a fact that is ALWAYS true in EVERYONE's life: there are people in your life just waiting to say YES to your invitation to church!

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