For Young Men Only

I'm reviewing this book for Multnomah Books.  For Young Men Only is written by Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice and released earlier this week (hardcover, $13.99).  This is a good little book written for the purpose of helping young men figure out what young women need and want from them.  There really aren't enough resources out there like FYMO.  This one is very readable and includes a small group study outline.

This book not only talks about being a Godly young man, but it also gives suggestions on how to keep from getting your heart broken too easily and how to help your young lady with her insecurities.  There is also time spent dealing with sex and how to make yourself attractive to young women.

FYMO is a great youth group resource (www.foryoungmenonly.com).  This is the kind of book that I would like to have several dozen copies to hand out to all the young men in our church.  Check it out.

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