LHC Video Blog - 10/7

I wanted to start doing a weekly video blog as another avenue of better communicating information and encouraging.  So here's the first official Living Hope Church Video Blog Post.  The bright, bright sun played some tricks on my camera, but we'll keep working the kinks out.  I'll post it here and on the church website blog every week.  Check in often!


Dorthy said...

Hey, great idea. But if you don't get the sun thing fixed, you get in the lower right corner and put Isla in the middle, okay?

Phil Lockwood said...

I like it,great idea!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/dorothy. Ha! Not sure if it was just my pc, but the video kept starting and stopping, took nearly twice as long to get through. Let me know if anyone else complained of this. Mom

Jeff Myers said...

I think your connection is just slow. That's probably why the audio kept cutting out while we were skyping today too.