Thanks, ESV!

I normally get around 30-35 unique visits per day on the ol' blog. But yesterday I noticed my visitor count had jumped. I went to Sitemeter to check it out and, sure enough, Monday I had 215 visits, Tuesday almost 90, and a good number yesterday, too. I've never really used the tracking features on Sitemeter - I just wanted a free counter for my blog. But there are some pretty cool features. You can track exactly what cities all over the world people are visiting from, what websites they linked to your blog from, and much more.

So I notice that almost everyone had come to my blog through www.esv.org/blog. This is the official website for the English Standard Version Bible that I posted about last week. Turns out they did a little post about my blog post. Very cool! Check it out. The following conversation took place between me and my daughter Mollie:

ME: So, Mollie, if you think about what this means...the Bible is writing about your Dad. Some people wonder what it would be like to be in the Bible, but I finally made it.

MOLLIE (dryly): Dad. You are not IN the Bible.

ME: No, but I'm in the Bible's blog and that's pretty close. Quit ruining it for me!

MOLLIE (dryly): Dad...you're retarded.

...and then my "big head" bubble burst. Thanks anyway, ESV, for sending all the traffic my way!


Mookie said...

don't you just hate it when the reasonable people in our life dismiss our ego-driven perceptions?? That is pretty awesome to have them blog about your blog though!

All In said...

When I read your little interaction with your daughter I hear all your parts in my head in the voice of Nepoleon Dynomite.

Mookie said...

LOL....thank you Jay! I now have to clean coffee off of my monitor and keyboard.......that was great!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like our kids to keep us humble...

And Mollie, here in PC California we'd just say that your dad is "developmentally delayed" :-)