The One I Couldn't Shake - 5/29

Psalm 67:3 (MSG)
God! Let people thank and enjoy you.
Let all people thank and enjoy you.

I spend a decent amount of time thanking God. I wonder how much time I spend enjoying God?


Mookie said...

Could you expand more on this thought? I get the idea of thanking God everyday for what I do have (although I do not conciously do this enough, I know)... And maybe it's my constant entanglement into the the things of a more worldly nature, and my young journey in respect to spiritualism, but "enjoying God"...my brain is just not understanding by what this means.

Jeff Myers said...

I think it means - Do I find pleasure in the presence of God? Do I have fun serving Him and spending time with His children? Does life with God bring me joy or does it just fulfill some sense of spiritual duty?