New Living Hope Logo

I'm so excited to have a new logo for our church. I've been working with an artist from UthStuph for several weeks and we finally nailed one down.


Selerines said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, love the new logo. My first glance and what I saw was a "4" & an "H" interpreting it to mean "For HIm". But I realized naturally that it was an L & H for Living Hope. I guess it like looking at a Rorshack (or however you spell it) print. But put it together and it simply means "Living Hope For Him" Oh well, that's just my input. But it's great however you read it. In our prayers, Mom

Chelsey B. said...

Hey Jeff!
Long time no talk to. ha. I like the logo especially the deep red back ground with the black pretty things!
-Chelsey Buttrey

jacob said...

looks nice bro!