Podcasting Sermons

I thought I'd pass on a really great new tool that we will be taking advantage of soon. The company is called PortableSermons.com. It's a free (or pay) service that will allow you to easily podcast your sermons. The free version will allow you to podcast the current week's sermon only (or one sermon at a time, in other words). Or you can archive all of your sermons for $29 per month.

The reason this service is so valuable is the EASY factor. You've always been able to podcast for free, but normally you would have to maintain several different accounts and it's quite time-consuming. With PortableSermons you simply upload your audio file and they do the rest. All the formatting, getting your sermon on iTunes, everything. It's so fast and easy, you can literally upload your sermons and have them ready to download before your congregation gets home from church.

Anyway, check them out - they're a good company. One of the owners/creators is also going to be doing our church's web design. His web company is VaultMultimedia.

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