LOST Season 4 Finale

Well, Thursday night the whole fam gathered around the boob tube in anticipation of the Season 4 finale of LOST. It was so great. We saw 6 of the castaways get off the island and get rescued, the island actually moved to a different location, a few deaths, and a lot more.

Best line of the episode:
Locke: Why did you do that? You just killed everyone on the freighter!
Ben: (coldly) So?

There are two more season left of this show and tons of questions left unanswered. The thing that makes this show so great is that it constantly plays this game of give and take with the viewer. For every mystery it answers, it reveals an even bigger mystery. You're constantly left with this feeling of "Oh, now I know" and at the same time "What the crap does that mean?" It's story-telling at its best!

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Steph Riedel said...

I wish I would of stuck with LOST....I got lost about a month ago......they are still on my TIVO.....so maybe summer will be a good time to catch up....

In all honesty....all I really want to see is an hour's worth of Jack and Kate anyway.......hahahah LOL

We need to schedule the staff photos soon !!!!!