I am loving all the new LOST episodes this season. It's been quite intense and full of surprises. The 2-hour season finale airs in 2 weeks and I can't wait! It truly is the best series on TV. If you're not watching it, you're really missing out. I was thinking the other day that one reason it's so good is that it is truly unique. There's nothing on TV like it. It's not a cop drama or a doctor drama or a psychic drama or a slutty cop/doctor/psychic drama. It's really in a class all by itself. Our entire family looks forward to it every week. Even if you haven't ever watched it, you should buy or rent the DVDs. That's really the best (and most addictive) way to watch it anyway.

I found a fantastic website today called Lostpedia. It's modeled after the Wikipedia website (which I also love) and is truly a comprehensive guide to everything you might possibly want to know about LOST - including theories, behind-the-scenes stuff, and even spoiler alerts. I just looked at it for a little bit and couldn't believe how many little LOST clues/mysteries that have aired in the past that I had forgotten about. Great site if you're a LOST fan!

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