Isla in Pictures

Well, Isla turns 11 mos. old tomorrow. It's been a while since I've posted any pics so I thought I'd put a few up (it also helps keep the grandparents off my back).

Isla shows us what sound a monkey makes.

She's a prodigy!

Isla having her cake and eating it, too.
(I took this one today.)


Anonymous said...

She loves that camera, doesn't she? And yes it has been a while since you posted any pictures of her or Mollie & Isaiah. Can't wait to see you guys in 1 month. Oh, and she has a very cute giggle too, got the card today! Love ya Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I'm looking forward to seeing her. But I hope you don't really think posting pictures of Isla will keep me off your back. You know that's my full time job! Dorthy