If It's Not Scottish...It's CRAP!!!

Hey everybody. We returned from Scotland last night and we had an excellent time. It was genuinely a great vacation for Jamie and me. When we started, we vowed to really focus on each other for a week. In fact, we did not talk about church even one time for a full 8 days! Here's what I took away:
  • Driving on the "wrong" side of the road is difficult.

  • Scots love meat & potatoes.

  • Haggis, Neeps, & Tatties is not that bad.

  • Stay away from the Black Pudding.

  • If you don't see a parking meter next to your parking spot, check up the block for one that everyone's supposed to pay at. (Thank you, City of Glasgow, for my parking ticket.)

  • The pound is awesome - the dollar sucks.

  • If you order a lemonade, you'll get a Sprite.

  • Scots love meat & potatoes.

  • I love my wife.

  • The highlands of Scotland look like Middle Earth (all you LOTR nerds will know what I'm talking about.)

  • Scotland has hundreds of beautiful old churches (most of which have been turned into pubs, community centers, or are just sitting empty.)

  • Fish & Chips is much better when the haddock was pulled out of the ocean just a few hours before you eat it.

  • The only thing harder to understand than a Scot, is a stuttering Scot.

  • The BBC is full of shows about fat Americans.
  • Scots love meat & potatoes.

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Edinburgh Castle

A flock of pink sheep we spotted. We don't know...?

Small town church

Highland cows

Castle Stalker (a.k.a. Castle Aaaargh from Monty Python)

A couple of pics from the Scottish countryside.

Me after a short hike up one of the peaks at Nevis Range.

Monument to Bonnie Prince Charles at Glenfinnan.

A loch that was so still it became like a mirror.

Jamie and I at Glencoe.

Doune Castle (also featured in Monty Python in the Trojan Rabbit scene.) That's Jamie standing in the lower right corner.

Roslyn Chapel


Jamie said...

I love you too. Thanks for a fantastic week!

Anonymous said...

Several of the pics did not show up. The ones that did are great.

Anonymous said...

They all show up on the computer at home. Good pics.

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great. We want to see more.