All is Well in the Universe

When we returned from our trip, I noticed that Spring had arrived before us. I love this time of year! Small budding flowers on trees and bushes - even the weeds look kind of pretty. The sky and trees are full of bird music. Critters start appearing that you haven't seen in a while. I spotted a fat racoon in my yard as I pulled up to my house last night. The air feels crisp and clean in your lungs. Your skin seems to wince a bit at that first touch of warm, direct sunlight. I feel more alive because the world around me seems more alive.

Which brings me to my favorite thing about this time of year - baseball season. I love baseball so much. It just feels right that at this time of year when the planet seems to be waking up, baseball is being played. My Oakland A's lost their season opener last night, but I didn't even mind so much. I'm just happy to see the boys out there playing again. It's a new season, new players, new coaching staff, talks of a new stadium. But ultimately it's the same old game and I love it.

Just about the time the planet will start settling in for it's winter sleep, baseball will wind down and sleep as well. It's fitting. The season is six months long (seven if you're lucky) and I'm usually ready for it to be done when it finishes. But this time is the time when anything can happen. Maybe we'll go all the way, maybe we'll break records, maybe...

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